dropshipping by excitasy

Following the patterns of Just in time where stocks are zero, Dropshipping is great for e-commerce, because no investment in stock is needed, yet you will be able to sell all the products that EXCITASY has to offer.

The process is quite simple: you make our products available and every time a client makes a purchase, you just forward the order to EXCITASY and we will send it directly to your client in a discreet packaging without ever mentioning EXCITASY (your supplier) or the content of the order.

excitasy dropshipping

1 - Your client makes an order at your online store. Then you must confirm if the payment is correct to proceed to the next step whsh is giving the Dropshipping order to EXCITASY.

excitasy dropshipping

2 - You just need to make us the order with the products your clients ordered to you, tell us your client address, and then pay the resale price of the products.

excitasy dropshipping

3 - After payment confirmation, EXCITASY will send the order to your client (in an invisable way). He willnever know that the order was send by us.

excitasy dropshipping

4 - In the end you should notify your client that the order has been well shipped, and give him the tracking number (if apliable) along with the necessary documentation.

Zero Investment

You don’t need to invest in stocks or logistics.

+ variety of products

EXCITASY has a vast and varied range of products in stock ready for immediate delivery.

Reduced risk

By not investing in stock, you will never be stuck with idle products, you only buy the products ordered and you don’t need space to store them.

Your location is of no relevance

The shipping is made directly from EXCITASY to your customer, thus saving on its cost and satisfying the client faster. Check our delivery times here.

Management is simple

After the payment, the order is sent directly to the end customer in a fast way. In case a cash on delivery package is refused, the article returns to our premises, and you will only be charged the shipping costs.

Incredible profit

Since EXCITASY sends to your client directly, you save:

  • On work. You don’t have to open the package, repackage it and send it to your client.
  • On costs. You only pay for one shipping.
  • Delivery times. We send directly to the customer, saving, like this, 24h minimum traffic time.
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After long months of ideas, debates and development, it is with great pleasure that we present you our new platform with a completely renewed design, thought and dedicated exclusively for professional, with access to all information in a faster and more intuitive way.
An EXCITASY seal service, made for you, that will allow you to make pre-orders of exclusive products, pre-releases, new products, and buying the desired amounts, stating your position in the market and increasing your business volume.
Estimated date for restock on all products. EXCITASY has a huge catalogue with around 10 000 references, having 95% of them with stock and ready for shipment, and only 5% being constantly restocked and with restocking dates.
Post-sale Service is of major importance and responsibility for us, and one of EXCITASY’s biggest flags, recognised by our customers, so we decided to update it and make the returning process easier.
History of your latest orders; With this control panel it's easy to access your latest orders infos. Confirm date, carrier and tracking number, delivery address and order status, all from your homepage.
One Page Checkout!
Close your order in only one page. With One Page Checkout we have removed unnecessary steps and have made the process of finishing an order easier. Try it now!
Quantity pad
Virtual numeric keypad developed by EXCITASY. We have made adding quantities to your cart in something more intuitive, fast and interactive. Our numerical keypad is easily controlled by your keyboard, mouse or touch screen, without the use of unnecessary keys.